The PSACC Executive Committee is the governing board of the association. The members of the committee are elected each year by the membership in attendance at the annual meeting and convention pursuant to the by-laws. Members are elected to one-year terms of office.

Annual Meeting Selection

This committee is responsible for identifying and qualifying host counties to sponsor and coordinate the activities of the annual meeting and convention. All counties are invited and encouraged to take a turn at hosting an annual convention. The members of the executive committee are ex-officio members of this committee.

Nominating and Personnel Committee

This committee is responsible for identifying qualified and willing individuals to be nominated to serve as executive committee members. The recommended members along with any nominations submitted from the floor are put to a vote before the members at large at the annual meeting and convention. This committee is also charged with providing direct oversight to the executive director and any other paid staff of PSACC. The members of this committee are comprised of the sitting president and the immediate two past presidents.

Audit Committee

The audit committee is responsible for reviewing and attesting to the accuracy of the financial accounts, books and records of the association and the performance of the treasurer in maintaining said records. The committee is charged with making a formal report to the members of association at the annual meeting and convention.

Format of Educational Meetings

This committee is responsible for planning the content of the spring and fall education conferences. The goals of the committee are to present curriculum sufficient in content to aid the membership in fulfilling Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements promulgated by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) and CPE requirements set forth by the PA State Board of Accountancy.

PA State Association of Elected County Officials (PSAECO)

This committee serves as representatives of PSACC on the larger board of PSAECO which has a membership covering all the elected offices of county government. PSAECO is essentially a lobbying organization which advises the State Legislature on issues of importance to Pennsylvania counties.

Legislative Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring the status of proposed legislation that affects PSACC members and to notify the executive committee of issues of importance. The executive committee may poll the PSACC membership at large for guidance prior to taking a position on pending or proposed legislation.

Liaison to State Records Management Department

This liaison is responsible to monitor and provide input to the commonwealth on the Open Records law as they relate to controllers and county government.

Liaison to the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP)

Members serve as liaisons to CCAP to exchange information with the commissioner organization on matters of common interest. This committee has worked with CCAP to develop legislative proposals such as periodic County Code revisions.

Annual Booklet Committee

Members work with the host county of the upcoming annual meeting and convention to identify advertisers and to update member information for the Annual Controller’s Manual/Yearbook.

Resolutions Committee

This committee is responsible for polling the membership and developing formal resolutions to be adopted by the PSACC members at large at the annual meeting and convention. Resolutions are typically developed to thank members for various elements of service to their counties or to PSACC or to take a formal position on accounting, auditing or legislative matters.

Annual Conference Committee

This committee is designed to provide oversight, guidance and assistance to the host county for the PSACC annual meeting and convention. This committee consists of the president, 1st vicepresident, upcoming annual conference controller, and previous annual conference controller.

Website Committee

This is committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the PSACC website.

Pension Reform Committee

This committee is responsible for developing proposals to modernize and or clarify elements of County Pension law Act 96. They interact with CCAP, the County Treasurers’ Association, actuaries, investment managers and consultants to develop sound proposals designed to protect the assets of county employees and the sponsoring counties.

PSACC 2023-2024 Committees