The New Controller Workshop 2016

The Executive Board and Solicitor Mark Flaherty welcomed our new Controllers at a workshop in State College from February 22-23, 2016.

New Controllers 2016Pictured from Left to Right:

Thomas Landauer, Montgomery County Deputy Controller; Dennis Alleman, Franklin County Chief Deputy Controller; Kathleen Miller, Clearfield County Deputy Controller; Karen Sanchez, Montgomery County Controller; Scott Abraham, Fayette County Controller; A.C. Stickel, Blair County Controller; and Timothy DeFoor, Dauphin County Controller.

(Not pictured, but also in attendance:  Laura Cullison, Dauphin County Chief Deputy Controller_)

Take a look at the PSACC Executive Board!

Our new Executive Board was elected at the 2015 Annual Conference, held in Berks County.


(L to R): C.Joy, M.Miller, R.Mettley, A.Whitcomb, J. Balzer, E.Cernic

Our President is Ed Cernic, Jr., Cambria County.

First Vice President is Robert Mettley, Lebanon County.

Second Vice President is Christy Joy, Schuylkill County.

Our Third Vice President is Jeff Balzer, Westmoreland County.

Myra Miller, Armstrong County Controller, is our new Secretary,

and Alfred Whitcomb, Cumberland County, is our Treasurer.

Spring Conference Update

Tentative Agenda for the Spring Conference is available for your review!  As you can see, it will be a valuable educational conference.  We hope to see you all at the Days Inn State College.  Make your reservations with the hotel before March 21 to be included on the PSACC block!

Feel free to contact Shelley with questions or concerns.

Still need to register to attend?   Registration forms are right here!